30 May 2008


I'm all done with school! I had my last test yesterday which seems like it was a lot longer than that. But in any case, I'm done for the semester. My favourite class by far was my environmental biology class, my teacher was very inspiring since she is clearly enamored by the subject. Thats why I just can't get into math, teachers rarely seem passionate about it. Or at least that has been my experience, save for my 8th grade teacher Ms. Reyes who was very encouraging.

I also tried to get my license again today. I was on stand by which really wasn't a problem since there were so few people at the DMV. Remarkably few! I had to wait a little longer than an hour before I got called to take my test. I also got a really friendly examiner, also remarkable since it almost seems to be a requirement to be cranky to work at a DMV. I suppose I'd be cranky if I had to deal with the same questions over and over again by people who just didn't get it. But whatever. In any case, I failed my test again. The examiner, Pam, said that I would have passed except that I ran into the curb when I was backing up. Why that is an automatic fail is beyond me, oh well. So I'm going to try again on monday and see if I can do it. I at least got to go through the whole test this time and the examiner was actually pleasant. But alas, no license yet.

Four more days left on the West Coast and then I go back to the East Coast for some time. Its really nice to feel like home is everywhere. When I go to one side or the other I feel like I'm going 'home.' Its just a really pleasant feeling. Sure, I'll miss the openness of the Valley and... well, to be honest, I can't remember much beyond that now. In the summer its really brown, even the things that are green or whatever other flowers are blooming, its all very brown. The spring here has been really wonderful and I'm glad that I've been able to share that with you all but now its time to leave.

But now I will start on a new adventure of learning how to farm. I'll share that all too. Life is really interesting, I think if I sat down and tried to really consider Life and what that entails and how it pertains to me I think my head might explode. I wonder why things happen, I try to psychoanalyze these things and then I scold myself. Over and over again. Solomon had it right,

'All streams flow into the sea,
yet the sea is never full.
To the place streams come from
there they return again' (Eccl. 1:7)

Someday I will divulge my thoughts more thoroughly but for now I am going to go and think them through a little more first. :0) Goodnight!

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