14 May 2008

Official Link

Under my links list I put my link to my other blog, Save the Brown. It was for my environmental biology class but now since its been due I don't have to make it quite so...school related. But in any case, check it out! Here are some of the photos from my most recent post.

This is a cactus flower that is blooming right now. We got these from my grandpa's house. He had a portion of his garden devoted to succulents and cacti.

My Mortgage Lifter heirloom tomato that I'm growing. I'm also letting two cucumber plants grow in the same pot since its so big. I do wish I had somewhere else to put them though.

Another blooming succulent in my window.

I just watered the plants. This is my newest edition that I bought at the Poppy Festival.

This guy got stuck between my screen and my window pane. I have a field guide to insects so I looked it up and its apparently a Braconid wasp. It was about an inch long. He has since fled the premises and has gone off to discover other nooks in the world.

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