23 May 2008

Supa Creative!

I've been a little (or a lot) neglective of my blog. I finally have all school work taken care of and done. All I have is some written finals that I need to take and thats it. Hurray! I've also been funneling all of my creativity into two things recently. Neither of which happen to be school, by the way. The first is a painting I'm doing for commission (money? What's that?) for a woman at church. She had a painting that was behind a book case in my dad's office that was given to the last pastor. It was widely recognised as one of the worst paintings known to human kind, or at least the most embarrassing. Its the kind of painting you just don't let go from your possession if that was your painting. So Lori commissioned me to paint over it. Its actually a sister piece to a painting I did for Lori previously.

This is the original painting that I did for Lori last summer. Its 16 x 20":

This painting on the other hand, is 6 x 4'. By far the biggest painting I've done. This is before it was done, there's lots of layers but this is the only one that I took a picture of.

And this is the final piece. Most of it was to do with detail, I also fixed the colours as well. Its not a huge difference from the one above, but its what brought it together.

So thats the final completed piece. Thats what I spent half of my energies on, well, most of my energy this week was devoted to that. But for the last couple weeks I've been working on a story. I mentioned it a long time ago. Maybe when I started posting more regularly. Its an anarcho-punk dystopian novel about a girl who gets wrongly imprisoned, the country and the economy completely crumble and... thats about all I want to tell right now. But I printed it out last night and its 9 pages long. Which was a little surprising because I haven't known how long it was til then because the program I'm using to type it up is more basic than basic. Is it possible? I think so.

In any case, thats also what I've been working on. If anyone is willing to edit it or just interested in reading it, I can send it to you. I'd love to have to feed back please! I also write better there than I do here, ha ha. Oh well. Anyways, so thats what I've been up to.

And its rained the last two days, not consistently but a little bit here and there. Which is super exciting when you live in the desert, let me tell you! Grey cloudy days are wonderful here!


Anonymous said...

The painting looks great, sweetie. The poppy especially, looks much better from the first to the final iteration :-) I hope it makes you rich!!

Hannah Vail said...

Ha ha, thanks! I just want enough money to buy a bike.