12 May 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

This last week my mom and I went up to my grandma's house in Stockton, CA, which is about 6 hours North of us. It was a great trip. As we descended out of the Tehachapi hills we came upon a farm stand which had cherries, apricots and... Animals! There were peacocks, chickens, a llama, goats, fancy pigeons (who would ever keep pigeons by choice? I'll never know) and I think that was about it. But we bought some apricots, cherries and two hot-house heirloom tomatoes from Oxnard, they weren't that good but everything else was!

Also while on the road we saw a Mazda freight truck which we passed a couple times. With the slogan, "How do you zoom-zoom?" With the written answer on the bottom saying, "Zoom zoom this," which I enjoyed immensely.

So six hours later we got to my grandma's house. We were going up for Mother's Day so we brought her some lovely flowers from Trader Joe's.

My grandma is one of the most amazing women I've ever met. She's 77 and goes to the gym three times a week (has been doing this for the last couple years, five maybe) and has the most infectious personality. The two nights we were there we stayed up til 1.00a and played a dice game called Rollover, which she promptly won four out of the six times we played (I won once, yay!). She has a piano in her house that she plays on occasion. She use to be a lot better but with her hearing in her right ear gone she has a little harder time picking out the notes. I'm not sure if she reads music or not.

She also does the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every morning!

This is her little condo, its a nice little humble thing on a lake. One of her neighbors has a really loud cockatoo and I saw it on Saturday but didn't take a picture of it.

On friday night I went to a show with my cousin Courtney. We missed most of the show but it was awesome to hang out with her which we haven't done really since we were little kids. It was also good to get away from my mom and grandma for a little bit. They can wear on you, they're not terrible, its just that it's nice to hang out with people your own age and don't care what you do.

Then Saturday noontime we went home. It certainly seemed like the trip home lasted twice as long even though it took exactly the same time. Not a big surprise since I didn't want to come back in the first place. I seriously thought about not coming back home when I Portland and Seattle but it cost more to cancel my ticket so, obviously, I came back.

It was a great couple days, a much needed leave from the Antelope Valley. I'm going to be back in Baltimore in 20 days! I'm ever so excited to see everyone who's there. It'll be nice to have friends again. Funny, I've been here for five months and haven't made any friends. I'm a little amazed, I must admit. It feels terrible.

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