18 February 2008

Brand New Animal!

I finished animal number two! Its a dove, or something like it (but not a pigeon!). I started it yesterday and did most of it while watching an installment of Pride and Prejudice on PBS. It was fun, I got to watch it with my parents and they liked it too. Though my dad did say after we watched the movie that he thought it was a girly storyline, even if it is enjoyable. I've never seen the BBC version before and it really is as good as people say.

But neither here nor there, I had fun finishing my bird and didn't do a whole lot today. It was kind of a normal day besides it being a day off from school. I was planning on riding my bike (I did yesterday and had fun) but I didn't just cause I was so completely uninspired. I hope I do get myself out there tomorrow. I saw a very hairy goat yesterday with big horns that I want to take a picture of.

So here's my bird. I'm going to sell it on Etsy when I have enough other animals to put up there too. Do you guys have any ideas about what I should name it? I fixed my blog so now it allows for anyone to comment on here, so by all means, feel free!


Rae said...

lovey dovey

Hannah Stitzlein said...

Hee hee, that's cute, I like it!