17 February 2008

Fabric, Animals and a Brother

Yesterday my mom and I went "down below" (thats what we call LA in the Antelope Valley, like, "Go to hell! Or... you know, LA") we were going to go to Michael Levine's which is a HUGE fabric store in the garment district of LA. These are the fabrics I got:

Then after that we went dow to Orange County (NO ONE calls it the OC, so don't you!) to visit Isaac at Chapman. It was nice, we went out to lunch, the three of us, at the Fillin' Station. I have an Asian Chicken salad -- without chicken, Isaac had a hamburger and my mom had a caesar salad. It was essentially "California cuisine." We got to sit out on the patio and it was really nice, the sun was out but it wasn't too hot.

Then we went to Isaac's dorm and helped him move his bed since his roommate moved out.

I'm going to make stuffed animals with all the fabric I got. I made Joel a whale for Valentine's day and now I want to make millions of stuffed animals!

And this is Joel with the whale after he opened his box. It sure made me happy to see him enjoying it so much!

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