06 February 2008

Life Under the Joshua Tree

So, since few of you know what the Mojave Desert looks like I had the brilliant idea of taking a walk in the area by my house and take some pictures of the desert, the animals, cool things I enjoy (owl pellets, finding smashed bongs, and old dilapidated Bibles and phone books). I also figured most of you don't know what a Joshua Tree is or have never seen one or haven't seen one except on the U2 album by the same name... So in any case, we'll start off with the basics and work our way down:

And now for the animals of the desert, most of these are either birds or owl pellets -- in fact, I don't think I have anything besides that. So, here are some of the birds, both native and invasive species:

Then I was fortunate enough to see (or rather "hear") a little hummingbird, I now know what they sound like, I'd never known before. So here is my little friend:

Here are some more birds. What I should also add about the owl pellets is that the owls sit in the Joshua Trees, eat the mice and other little creatures, and when finished digesting them they, essentially, throw up the pellets that are filled with things they can't digest (fur, feathers, bones):

And now, for the less attractive side of the desert: human impact. People often times use the undeveloped land as a dump. Its also the playground to teens that ride their moto-x bikes and throw their bottles and apparently bongs too:

And the ultimate destruction as we know it is the building of these disgusting McMansions:

So, I hope you al enjoyed my little photo-essay of the Mojave Desert that I call home (kind of).

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