02 March 2008

Brother Weekend

As I said before, my brother was coming home for the weekend. On Saturday we went bowling with some of his friends (Chris, Bryan, and Mia).

Recently I've been taking passenger seat photos. This is on the way home from the bowling alley.

Then we all went to our house for video games and pizza. They all played Rock Band but I didn't play. I kind of wish I had gotten pictures of that. Oh well. Then we had home made mommy pizza. She made some delicious mushroom pizza.

And later we had cake and sang Isaac happy birthday. It was nice. Then today we sent him home. We drove him to Orange and had dinner together as a family and luckily no one caught air of the birthday we were celebrating so Isaac wasn't sung to. Which I think might have ended his last 19 years then and there. This is from the drive down.

After it got dark Isaac and I had fun with long exposures.

And this afternoon I passed the time by making another CD case. Its for my friend Ben in New Jersey.

All in all its been eventful but hasn't really felt like it. I've had some time to think. I can't say exactly all what it entailed now. I had a lot of time in the car to think. It was a beautiful day down below. It wasn't very windy at all down there, just really sunny and beautifully lit. It definitely reminded of when I was growing up. I can't say exactly what but that golden light made me think of running through grass fields, hearing the clank of an aluminum bat as it hits a softball, and laying outside after dark to watch the stars. The light reminded me of spring.

Spring is here!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures sweetie, keep up the good work! Not sure about Isaac's facial hair though :-) ... I think those sideburns may be strike #2.

Hannah Stitzlein said...

Haha, well, at least there is a movement towards good facial hair. Its a step up from the chin hair he had last time. :0) Hee hee. I think its going to be gradual, but I was proud of him.