15 March 2008

Underwater Basket Weaving 101

So on thursday I'm going to give an informational speech on basket weaving so I've made some demos. This first one is a flat reed basket weave.

This one is a round reed weave that has a loose base and then gets tighter. Thats mainly because I'm not good at starting a tight weave...

And since I had the white sheet up I decided I needed to photograph my sculpture better cause you can't really see anything in the picture I took of it outside. I don't quite know how to finish it yet or if it is finished. I'm still pondering that.

This is also what I've done with things I've found in the desert.

And these are some sketches of what I'm going to work on next. They're going to be basket woven on the bottom, I'm not sure what the top is going to be made out of (i.e., fabric, felted wool, crochet) but the faces are going to be ceramic -- when I have access to do that. They'll be an installation somehow. I don't really know exactly how I'll set it up but thats my next project I'm going to work on. Maybe a junior thesis? We'll see.

And lastly I just wanted to brag about getting into PNCA some more.

Okay, maybe not brag. I'm just excited. I hope I like it as much in person as I do in my mind. I have three more credits to fill before I'm a junior but that'll be easy to fix because I'm taking 14 credits this semester. I'm looking forward to not being bored out of my mind with what I'm being taught, or not. I've been working profusely on basketry and sculpture this week and its been a lot of fun. I've certainly enjoyed that!

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