16 March 2008

More Basket Weaving

So what do you do for fun? Basket weave tie pieces of rusty chicken wire together, you know, normal things. Recently I've been working like crazy on baskets, etc. I've been super inspired to create things lately. I don't know why, perhaps its because its Spring and Spring means change. Last year I went stir crazy in all of my classes cause I wanted to work outside so badly. But then again, you can't really haul a floor loom down two flights of stairs and expect to keep it in one piece and no one to yell at you... So I forewent that idea and just got more and more feverish to be outside.

Thats the nice thing about basket weaving, I can just sit at the pool edge, keep my reeds wet and sit in the sun, even if its not always warm. I did this piece today, I'm going to shellac it so that its shiny and can use it as a demo piece for my speech on thursday.

And with the left over reeds I made this little thing.

Yesterday it was so cold and windy outside I stayed in the garage and did a "paper maché" covering for a tube basket I did.

And that about wraps up what I've been doing with my time lately. I'm super excited about the next coming weeks. Joel is coming for a week and then the day that he leaves I'm going to go up to Portland and stay with a Clara and visit PNCA and then take a train up to Seattle and see Rachel! I'm really excited about the whole thing. Its going to be a wonderful Spring Break! Last year I visited my cousin in Chicago and my friend Jen was also visiting her friend there so we got to hang out while we weren't in Baltimore, that was a good Spring Break too! I love traveling and I'm so happy that I get to get away from the desert for a while.

By the way, Lindsay, I don't know if you ever read it but I commented back to you. You really made my day and it makes me so happy that you appreciate the photos. :0) Thanks for letting me know!

PS. I fixed my last post and put up a better picture of the wire thing and added the pictures of the sketches I wasn't able to upload!

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