26 March 2008

I'm done with all of my midterms but I still have two classes left to go to this week before Spring Break. Yay! Joel's coming in tomorrow night and I'm very very excited to see him! I just got back from meeting the dogs I'm going to house-sit for in two weeks. They're adorable Weimeraners. Emma is a very excitable dog and absolutely adores attention. Ally on the other hand is a very subdued pup but still loves people. I'll definitely put pictures up when I go live there for the weekend. Lynnea told me to tell her next week what I would like to be in the fridge while I'm there and was cute about it too.

Yesterday I took pictures of the poppies in the desert. I'm starting a project where I pick up a bagful of trash (or more) from the desert space by my house. Its tough to take both pictures of trash and regular things I like to take pictures of (which does sometimes include trash...) because I have such a huge bag, its especially hard when it gets full. Cause then I want to go home cause its heavy (and my weak little arms and shoulders hurt today!). What a sissy. Here's the link to the project and more pictures: http://www.savethebrown.blogspot.com

I've been having some what of an artist's existential crisis recently. Its been going on for a couple weeks now. Not that I would ever consider giving up making art, I've just been analyzing where it comes from. I feel like my work is very stagnant and doesn't either push the envelope or feel alive. And that isn't to say that the only art that is good is progressive activistic work. But that stuff is pretty good. I've always felt this way about my work and I believe its very true. I'm good in a technical sense but in an emotional or translating sense I'm really not that great.

Art stems from some passion. Or at least, thats what I've concluded. The passion to share an experience, a cause, a love for one thing or another, hate for something, sorrow for another thing. And some of it is just passion for art, passion for colour (like Joseph Albers or Mark Rothko), for composition or line (Franz Kline or Piet Mondrian). I'm just not a very passionate person, I think. I think I'm pretty peaceful and calm. I don't know if thats a problem or not, though I'd like to think its not. I don't really know what to think, actually. Thats all the more conclusion I've come to at the moment. So stay tuned. Here is some work I've done in the past, so you have an idea of what I'm talking about:

PS. I, like everyone else, love comments -- though I'm ashamed to say it, I am. ;0)

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