25 March 2008

Easter, New Blog

I have lots of catching up to do! First of all, I started a new blog, its my online journal of a project that I'm calling "Think Green. Save the Brown." Its a desert clean up project. I'm starting with the desert space by my house and then we'll see if I get beyond that. Its for my Environmental Biology class. This is the link for it: http://www.savethebrown.blogspot.com So stop on by and check it out!

So, as you're more than likely aware, last sunday was Easter and leading up to that was Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Maundy Thursday lifts up the Last Supper and Jesus' last day with his disciples before he gets taken by the government and killed. That day is Good Friday (the day the government killed him). Then saturday is the day between death and life. Easter is on sunday and thats when the Easter bunny rose from the dead and laid his first egg and the first child on earth got a cavity. Or that might not be it -- I'm going to have to check my theology... Whatever the case, here are some pictures from Maundy Thursday at my dad's church.

This is my dad in his pastorly garb.

These are some of the people in the church. I felt like such a voyeur cause I was sitting in the balcony where the projector and sound system are.

My mom works the projector and sets up the lyrics and other things (i.e., slides explaining the seder, visual aids, etc.).

We celebrated a seder and one of the people from the congregation, David Smith, explained about what the ceremony and what the foods stood for. Then everyone got a plate and was able to taste all the seder foods.

On Easter we went down to Claremont to hang out with one of my dad's colleagues and his family. Our families spend most of our holidays together. Its nice to be able to relax with other people who do the same thing. Not that I know what its like being a pastor but I certainly understand the stress level and the fact that they have done five services in three days. At any rate, I had a really good time. Then in the evening we took my brother back to school at Chapman where he announced he hated school. I totally feel him on that and could sympathize whole heartedly. School can be particularly loathsome at times. Or all the time, depending where you're going.

And this is some nonsense I've been working on lately.

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